documentary fairytale, 75 min, 2022 

A Hawk as Big as a Horse follows the daily life of Lydia, a queer
ornithologist who lives in Shcherbinka, a remote suburb of Moscow.
As Lydia embarks on remaking David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, she
decides to create Lara, a life-size silicon doll of her favorite actress.

film by Sasha Kulak
cinematography Sasha Kulak, Maryana Drogoveyko, Yakov Mironchev
music Yakov Mironchev
script doctor Olga Polevikova
producer Louis Beaudemont
3D artist Elizaveta Federmesser

Les Steppes Productions, 2022
With the support of Sundance Institute, CNC, in collaboration with ARTE La Lucarne



documentary essay, 61 min, 2022
world premiere International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022

It’s 2020 and Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, is overflowing with anti-government protests.
A dreamy figure – Mara – takes us on a journey alongside the protesting crowds. Mara’s symbolic presence is a stark contrast to the harsh reality of the street. There is a determination to Mara, but also a fragility – as if her persona reflects the collective mental state of the protesters witnessing their dream for freedom turn into a nightmare 

film by Sasha Kulak
featuring Rai Man O To
narration voiceover Serisu
costume designer Dymna Vyderka
music Pavel Bocharov
sound editing and re-recording mix Paata Godziashvili, Nika Paniashvili
producer Louis Beaudemont, Ksenia Gorenstein
poster artwork by Rufina Bazlova, Maria Smirnova


Quicksilver Chronicles

feature documentary, 75 min, 2019

A contemporary portrait that shows the present-day of three characters who,
in their youth, had an incredible amount of idealism and energy with
the expectation of creating an alternative version of the “American Dream”

directed by Ben Guez and Sasha Kulak
cinematography Sasha Kulak
produced by Ben Guez and Misha MacLaird
executive producer Pedro González Rubio
sound editor Andrey Dergachev
color correction Mikhail Khursevich


The accommodations of desire

experimental film, 18min, 2020 
The Netherlands, Italian, English

The water flows on the surface of the Earth and in the underworld, this substance connects both sides of the river as margins of life. The narration is holding out the silhouette from the sketch of an artist to the symbolism of the ancient world reading small gestures. This film accommodates artist’s works by giving them a role of an oracle.

film by Darya Golova and Sasha Kulak
cinematography Sasha Kulak
music Pavel Bocharov, Ivan Maslov
re-recording mixing Andrey Dergachev  
poster design Masha Maroz



mid-length documentary, 41 min, 2015

In Salamanca time stopped two hundred years ago, when the first Mennonites
came to Mexico in search of their place on the Earth. Here everything is predetermined,
and lives of the descendants are repeating lives of their ancestors

directed by Ruslan Fedotow and Sasha Kulak
cinematography Ruslan Fedotow and Sasha Kulak
sound editor Andrey Dergachev