“French dinner” — video from series of dishes that sound 🎶
A video produced during a residency in Nantes around food and music involving film director Sasha Kulak and sound designer OMMA
dp Sasha Kulak




documentary essay, 61 min, 2022
world premiere International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022

It’s 2020 and Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, is overflowing with anti-government protests.
A dreamy figure – Mara – takes us on a journey alongside the protesting crowds. Mara’s symbolic presence is a stark contrast to the harsh reality of the street. There is a determination to Mara, but also a fragility – as if her persona reflects the collective mental state of the protesters witnessing their dream for freedom turn into a nightmare 

film by Sasha Kulak
featuring Rai Man O To
narration voiceover Serisu
costume designer Dymna Vyderka
music Pavel Bocharov
sound editing and re-recording mix Paata Godziashvili, Nika Paniashvili
producer Louis Beaudemont, Ksenia Gorenstein
poster artwork by Rufina Bazlova, Maria Smirnova


ON RUNNING - Dedicated To The Run

director Clayton Vomero
dp Sasha Kulak
production SOMESUCH
producer Tom Birmingham
Production manager Jack Filtness
runners Chris Thompson, Eleanor Dunlop, Modupe Shokunb, Siu Hei Chung, Owen Ebodor



director/camera/edit DIVIDI
art director Katya Shtokolova
Masks Mona Ermishina
styling Olya Gvozdeva, styling assistants Anastasia Mitina, Dasha Baskova
set design Ivan Shpak
music Josue Medina
sound design Divination by sound
producer Margo Sinyaeva
Vogue Russia, 2020


Dark circus

director/camera/edit DIVIDI
art director Katya Shtokolova
production design Nastya Bezrukova ++ / assistant Polina Zhuravkova
styling Mariya Mihaylova / assistants  Anastasia Mitina, Dasha Baskova
makeup July Rada  / Valeriya Vitko / Marina Roy 
sound design Nikolay Antonov
producer Margo Sinyaeva / director assistant Yana Krylova
Vogue Russia, 2019