character-driven documentary, 19 min, 2024 
Uzbekistan, Germany 

Mirtemir is growing up in Nukus, a dusty city caught between the desert and the dead Aral Sea. His mother has moved away to earn money in a neighboring country Kazakhstan, and Tima lives with his blind grandmother. He waits tables at a fast-food joint during the day and entertains people at a mobile karaoke by night.                                    
Days full of hard work and responsibility, too demanding even for an adult, are nonetheless full of joy and adolescent bliss.

scripted and filmed by Sasha Kulak and Michael Borodin
editor Katya Truba
sound Ilya Kanchurin
producer Julia Shaginurova, Einbahnstraße Productions and Michael Borodin, SESTRA Films



documentary fairytale, 75 min, 2022 

A Hawk as Big as a Horse follows the daily life of Lydia, a queer
ornithologist who lives in Shcherbinka, a remote suburb of Moscow.
As Lydia embarks on remaking David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, she
decides to create Lara, a life-size silicon doll of her favorite actress.

film by Sasha Kulak
cinematography Sasha Kulak, Maryana Drogoveyko, Yakov Mironchev
music Yakov Mironchev
script doctor Olga Polevikova
producer Louis Beaudemont
3D artist Elizaveta Federmesser

Les Steppes Productions, 2022
With the support of Sundance Institute, CNC, in collaboration with ARTE La Lucarne


Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil: Portrait of an Architect

A film portrait dedicated to the architect Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil. Professor El-Wakil is a leading Islamic architect of our time, winner of the Aga Khan Award and the Driehaus Prize, a student and like-minded intellectual soulmate of the famous architect Hassan Fathy. The film focuses on the role of craftsmen in traditional architecture, the symbolic dimension of religious buildings, and the crisis of modernism.

The film was commissioned as a part of the collateral project of the Qatar Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Co-Directed by Olya Korsun and Furqat Palvan-Zade
Executive producer Fahad Al-Attiyah
Camera Sasha Kulak
Second camera and color grading Fedor Guerlein
Editor Saveliy Sharkov
Sound and music Ivan Merkulov

Caravane Earth, 2022

Decisive Pink - Destiny 

Director/camera/edit DIVIDI
Animation Director: Misha Gurovich
Color Grading: Anton Zimmerman
1st AC, Gaffer: Linus Kropp
Producer: Yara Yuri Producer
Set & Costume Designer: Josine Immoos
Make-up: Nataly Vasilchenko
Hair Stylist: Don Johan Devigo

Decisive Pink - Angel Deradoorian | Kate Shilonosova

Fire Records, 2023

FRENCH DINNER - playtronicacantouchthis.studio

“French dinner” — video from series of dishes that sound 🎶
A video produced during a residency in Nantes around food and music involving film director Sasha Kulak and sound designer OMMA
dp Sasha Kulak
Mixing HRCLS.tv